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5 Ways to Great Creative with Product Sales

In today’s digital world, strategizing how you’re going to promote a new product can be a daunting task.  Many organizations struggle with product roll outs and the complexities of how to market to the right demographics. Not only can it be exhausting, it can be extremely time consuming as well.  

So, how do you attract the right buyers and keep their attention for long enough to educate them on product benefits? What do you do to keep them coming back for more?

We came up with 5 ways to get creative with your product sales:

  1. Make it personal. Share your story and the success stories of others that have used the product publicly. Studies show that we trust our friends and family more than any other resource when it comes to product reviews.  
  2. Send a customer survey. You want to know what your customers really think. If you want honest, unsolicited opinions about the products, give an anonymous survey to your buyers. You’ll thank us for it later.
  3. Create a gift guide. Have you ever seen something you liked but didn’t buy it because you couldn’t imagine what you would use it for? Creating a gift guide can help to direct buyers towards understanding the uses and benefits of a product in their everyday life.
  4. Pick up the phone. When was the last time you called someone to ask them how they liked the products that were sold? Or to get feedback on how the customers used them? This one is as simple and old-school as it gets, a phone call adds a personal touch that is always appreciated.
  5. Ask around. You don’t always have to go it alone! Ask other sellers you know how they positioned their products, or what materials they used to explain their usage. You might be surprised to find that you learn something new.

Want more ideas on how to get creative? Contact our sales team today: info@bristolid.com

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